How Can Positive Affirmations Make A Change In My Life?

Well, first of all, what is an affirmation? An affirmation is an act of affirming something. In other words, these are positive phrases you repeat to yourself and over time you will see a good change but it might not be that easy… But the good news is, it is worth it!

This is one of the examples of positive affirmations.

Even though at first, it will be challenging to even believe that this works but trust me with the power of faith and commitment, it’s possible to see the changes happen.


I am about to share a little something that might help you understand the importance of repeating affirmations to yourself every day. You see, I have been in a terrible situation before where I didn’t even know what self-love was. I am still learning but I can put my hand on my heart and say that journey to self-love is not easy but worth it. I recently started doing this as well where I would say an affirmation over and over again to myself when negative thoughts took over my mind. I must confess that at some point, the thoughts in your subconscious mind will interfere and you will get distracted by a deeply held negative belief about yourself or anything else. To fight your inner demons is an inner struggle that requires a lot of strength and consistent work. The good news is you can do this even on the days where your belief in yourself is a little lower than usual.

NOW, here’s the thing…

Repeating affirmations is a step toward change, not the change itself. With that in mind, know that its advantages depend on how you use them. Affirmations help break your old patterns and belief. So, your goal might be to replace an old unhealthy pattern like self-sabotaging and to help accomplish that goal affirmations work as a tool like many other alternatives. You see the change is not the affirmation, it is a tool to help you shift your mindset. Create a specific affirmation to better target your goals. This journey toward self-improvement takes a lot of time hence you need to affirm yourself daily. Be patient and while you’re at it, be gentle with yourself. Not easy but keep going. Keep trying to become the best version of yourself. Safe in the knowledge that your efforts will pay off.

If you are reading this right now, I wish you a lot of happiness and good health!


6 Ways To Instantly Make Yourself Feel Better.

This blog post is about how to make yourself feel better on those days when you feel low and unmotivated. No matter what we are doing in our lives, we have all been there when we don’t feel on top of the world or in other words when we don’t feel our best. This post might help you realize that sometimes doing little things for yourself can get you back on track. These little bundles of joy over time make a significant change in our lives!

Tip No.1. Go for a walk.

Whether you go for a nice stroll in the morning or evening, you must step outside for few moments to get fresh air. It is crucial for your mental health, specifically. If you allow yourself to feel better, it will have a drastic impact on your well-being. For more information on this, check out:

Tip No.2. Make yourself a hot drink.

Now, I am sorry if you don’t like to drink hot drinks but if you do then you unquestionably need to do so. Not only does it give the feeling of being comforted, but it can also even help you relax. When hot liquids enter your body, they expand your blood vessels and improve circulation. It is linked to muscle relaxation. Hence, drinking your favourite hot drink can have a very substantial effect on your body.

Tip.No.3. Use positive affirmations.

Now, if you are not familiar with what an affirmation is, it is a positive statement that can help you navigate your negative mindset into a positive one. Repeating few positive statements over a long course of time replaces self-sabotaging and negative thoughts into happy feelings. Whether it’s hard for you to believe in this or not, this practice does work if done daily.

Tip.No.4. Take a nap.

Taking a break in the form of a nap is vital. Especially if you had a long busy day or couldn’t get a restful night’s sleep. Naps help you recharge and reset. Your mind deserves a good rest or a break from everything that it does throughout the day. Naps are known to improve mood, performance and increase alertness. As you know sleep plays an important role in storing memories so a nap can contribute to that factor.

Tip.No.5. Stay hydrated.

Believe it or not, drinking enough water will modify your health. Since it helps remove toxins from your body, protect organs and tissues and last but not least stabilise your heartbeat, it is definitely one of the most obvious and fundamental ingredients when it comes to improving your mood.

Tip.No.6 Playing games or doing something creative.

Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor game that you like to play like basketball or football or something on your PC… It can shift your mood from feeling gloomy to feeling joyous and lively. Once you shift your attention and put your energy into something like this, it will make a difference in your mindset. If by any chance, you don’t want to do this, you can practice any of your hobbies that bring you even a little sense of joy. Doing anything creative or new in a sense like painting or making DIY equipment can give you a nice sentiment and is a decent way to pass the time as well.

Also, just remember the fact that you are alive, here and now, is such a beautiful and unique gift in itself.