Let It Go



To live a life, it is necessary to have a fearless state of mind. Many youngsters argue of having an entrenched fear that stops them from taking bold steps in life. That’s why many stay behind and see their fellows flourishing their careers and social life. This ignite a fire in themselves and self-generated jealousy and depression prevails. Instead of being sorry to their own selves, they start to blame others. They then opt a rough and dry attitude that further exploits their life. They lose friends, view the society as aliens and lose their minds as well. This has become one of the common trends nowadays.

There are famous hindi/urdu sayings

“Jo dar gya wo mar gya.”
It means: The one who feared, died.

“Darr ke aagey jeet hay.”
It means: Victory lies beyond fear.

Now you have to decide whether to let go you Fear or face everything and rise, the choice is yours.

3 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. I really like some of the points addressed in this post! Being fearless can be surprisingly difficult. Taking risks is important in life.

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  2. Fear is the first step to greatness. Without it there wouldn’t be any challenge or risk to take. Fear should be seen as an opportunity for greatness rather than a wall stopping us from progressing. Great piece my brother.

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