You might have been asked about your identity on several occasions. Tell me what has been your answer?

Is it your Social Security Number?

Your Passport?

Your National Identity Card?

Any other document evidencing that You are Sarah or Joseph … etc?

If this has been your response then you may be misguided. Think just beyond your nationality and ethnicity and these mere pieces of documents evidencing your existence. You are a ‘Human Being’ and this is the biggest evidence that you have been given life,”only one life”, to reveal what your are. Think big and ask yourselves who you really are? There are unlimited blessings that have been bestowed upon you in this world but above all of them you have a ‘Free Will’ that distinguishes each one of you from the other. If you still haven’t discovered your identity yet then you may have been exploited. It’s now evident that you have made a compromise with yourself and with these mere pieces of documents to define who you really are.

But you are still in the game. Don’t worry just try to discover who you really are. Find your inner ‘You’. You may have already been battling with your ego but its time to step up. Don’t feel surrounded by your environment and what others judge. Ask your inner self, check your strengths and speak your heart out.

Picasso didn’t become famous because of his nationality or ethnicity but because of his inner artist. His inner artist gave him identity.

Cristiano Ronaldo- The greatest footballer of all time did’t become successful because he belonged to Portugal but because he found his inner artist. He could be somewhere unknown and unrecognized. His inner artist gave him identity.

Bill Gates- The richest guy on planet didn’t become successful because of his nationality or ethnicity but because of his inner artist. He could be a normal struggling guy but because he found his inner artist; he shook the technological world with his invention. His inner artist gave him identity.

Think of as many examples as you can think you will find one thing in common. They all were like us common people but found their inner artist that made their identity.

Moving forward … Discover your inner art that could be blog writing, photography, travelling, teaching, entrepreneurship, innovation, sports and any other thing. Just keep focusing on it. No matter how may obstacles try to suppress you but don’t lose hope and keep up your struggle. Just keep in mind that you can be next Bill Gates, Ronaldo, Picasso, Ansel Adams, or ‘You’. Its not about fame or getting rich but about the recognition that every human being requires in this world. Have a firm belief that you are unique and you are born an artist.

“Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within one has the courage to let go.”

-Doug Cooper

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3 thoughts on “Identity

  1. You have written so true 😊😊

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  2. Thought about this exact subject over time and while my answer changes as my age changes one of the words that’s always left is strong. – Laura

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