Blind World

Yes, The world is blind for sure. It is just because people are chasing their self interests and ignoring the rest. The World which has an enriched history of revolutioners, philanthropists, leaders and inspirers has gone blind. I don’t want to blame any specific mind set but the sad reality is we have been moulded into it. Our greedy, violent, aggressive, stone hearted mind is pushing the world into an extreme abyss where the end result is horrific.

Have you ever thought about humanity? Just think again what you have done for this cause. Its not about collective programming of minds to do something about it but it starts with you. You are answerable to what you have done to the humanity. If you are doing nothing for this cause then you are an equal culprit to whatsoever has been done to it. We have so called UNHRC United Nations UNSC but you know what, they do nothing bigger than just condemning the series of barbarism. It seems like we are literally either dominated by a stone hearted mind set or we are blind.

Just imagine yourself in place of those innocent people that have been victimized as a result of violation of human rights law. Can you bear the pain? Can you stay patient because no one is taking reasonable actions to help you out? Can you sacrifice your lives for your honour and honour of your State? This is strange that we don’t think about others the way we should be thinking. Its just because we have lost our empathy. We are so lost in ourselevs that we don’t mind any barbarism since it’s not happening to us. This is strange that we have developed egoistic behaviour and ethnical differences to choose our allies and foes. We seek to protect our personal interests only and we make compromises with the lives of many innocent souls. This is what you bargain for the sake of your good? Tell me where is your voice?

Don’t get trapped in this and dont’t stay quiet. Have your say since you are the biggest weapon who can beat all the oppressors and wrongdoers. Raise your voice for the oppresses of Kashmir, Rohingiya, Burma, Palestine, Sudan and all people (keeping aside all the differences) in different parts of the world. Raise your voice and contribute for the sake of humanity.

Its time to step up people. Have your hearts decide. If you have any empathy left in you just speak up. Its only ‘Your Voice’ that can be a reason for someone’s comfort.

They are waiting for you …

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